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Nunavut Inuit Housing Action Plan (NIHAP)

Why create the NIHAP?

Nunavut Inuit co-developed the 2019 Inuit Nunangat Housing Strategy with Canada and other Inuit Nunangat organizations. Under this Strategy, we have an opportunity to make a plan to improve housing – for Nunavut Inuit by Nunavut Inuit.

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The NIHAP timeline

Nunavut has had a housing crisis for many years. We cannot fix the crisis overnight but there is a lot we can do right now. NIHAP has short and long term actions. Many actions can start immediately.

What will the NIHAP do?

The NIHAP will create action across 3 key areas to reduce overcrowding and meet Nunavut Inuit’s housing needs.

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Angirratsaliulauqta The Nunavut Inuit Housing Action Plan (NIHAP)

Working Draft

Nunavut Inuit Housing Action Plan (NIHAP)

Summary May 2022

Nunavut Inuit Housing Action Plan (NIHAP)


For Inuit by Inuit

Together We Can Meet Our Housing Needs

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