What is the NIHAP?

A plan for transformational change to address the housing crisis in Nunavut.

A plan is being developed by Inuit Organizations in Nunavut to address the full range of housing needs of Nunavut Inuit.

An Action Plan

It identifies the steps needed to address key barriers to having enough housing that is suitable and affordable for Inuit, now and in the future.

A Guide to Manage Funding

It helps determine how to distribute funding to meet the full range of housing needs. NTI is contributing $56 million to ensure actions can start immediately.

A Living Document

It will be regularly updated to reflect additional funding, progress and new initiatives.

A new Inuit Housing Entity will identify and manage the actions needed to address the housing crisis and will coordinate actions with other agencies.

The NIHAP has actions to:

Develop housing visions for each community

Make housing more affordable for Inuit

Build more homes and better homes that support Inuit culture and life in the North

Ensure more Inuit workers and businesses can support home maintenance and management

Provide different types of housing

Coordinate actions with other governments

For Inuit by Inuit

Together We Can Meet Our Housing Needs

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