Action Area #3 Capacity Development

Addressing the housing crisis will need more than new buildings. More knowledge and skills are needed to design, plan, support, and manage housing that Nunavut Inuit want.

The NIHAP has actions to grow community, business, and individual capacity.

Immediate Capacity Development Goals

(0-5 years)

  • Employ as many Inuit workers as possible on NIHAP projects using existing job and training programs.
  • Ensure the people and skills needed to implement the NIHAP are available.
  • Include Inuit principles in NIHAP projects through community planning and land development processes.

Longer Term Capacity Development Goals

(0-25 years)

  • Increase the number of Inuit working in housing design, construction, and maintenance and programs supporting housing.
  • Increase the supply of developed land.
  • Maximize the number of Inuit businesses participating in planning, delivering and managing NIHAP projects and activities.
  • Use more sustainable building designs and materials.
  • Increase home maintenance and ownership knowledge and skills among Inuit in all communities.

For Inuit by Inuit

Together We Can Meet Our Housing Needs

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